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The days are evil already but some of today’s Pastors are not helping matters either. They want to be rich and influential by all means so they sit down and think about the fastest way to get rich. Armed robbery , yahoo yahoo and kidnapping is ruled out because they consider such to be a “high risk business”. Suddenly, the Idea of becoming a general overseer of a church becomes appealing . To them, it is not risky. They only need to be strategic about wooing members to their altars. To that end, they must perform signs and wonders so that they can gather enough members. They start imagining having just 2,000 members and getting 10% from them monthly as tithe. The indices are that the return on investment is high. As a follow up, they go diabolical to get charms that will attract members to their church. Boom ministry has started.
Daddy general overseer starts his ministry immediately even on his varendah. When his landlord confronts him on why he is starting a church on his varendah knowing that the building is a residential building, Daddy General Overseer immediately brands his landlord a wizard. The next thing he appeals to his congregation to donate money to acquire a landed property. The unsuspecting members will give out to the daddy general overseer and some even empty their pockets and trekk back home. In a matter of few weeks or month, ministry moves to permanent site. Church is now fully operational. Come and see the real signs and wonders my people. The “barren” must get pregnant when they step their foot in the ministry. How they get pregnant is not the issue but as far as the woman gets pregnant. Daddy general overseer is fully anointed and by virtue of his position, he can help impregnate the barren woman since the woman’s husband is not potent enough to impregnate her. Afterall he is only doing them a favour. How on earth is the man supposed to know that the child his wife gives birth to belongs to Daddy general overseer not him? DNA? How many men take their children for DNA test? Pardon my digression. I was gisting you about today’s Pastors and how they are making it almost impossible for their gullible members to know that they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.
They come up with all forms of abracadabra and stage managed miracles just to deceive unsuspecting members of the public. They mimic geniune men of God and can even deceive the discerning mind.
They will never preach about holiness to their members because they don’t want to lose members. Right within the ministry all manners of atrocities are committed and the stakeholders look the other way. Daddy general overseer having canal knowledge of choristers, elder’s wife sleeping with the choir master, a teenager getting pregnant for an elder and aborting the foetus; all manners but the common denominator is that their is nobody to call anybody to order.
In the process, they tarnish the reputation of genuine pastors the world over.
If you have stumbled on this write up and you are one of ” today’s pastors” I advise you to give your life to Christ. I can tell you for free that all is vanity. Amend your ways and live right.
Signs and wonders seekers, be careful because a lot of things are happening and unfortunately, they are happening in the church.
And to the genuine Pastors the world over, continue to fight the battle of faith. One thing is certain, we will all reap what they sow

Some years back I did a story about a brother GO of a very popular Pentecostal church in Lagos, who’s married but have mistresses in the church to the extent that he the GOs younger brother (who’s also a pastor) impregnated a student of the GOs University….the story went viral that it shooked the church but my life was under threat..

Another one a Pastor of a Lagos popular church in Lagos ojodu area of Lagos who arranged a kidnapp of himself,, married,toasted a beautiful police friend of mine….

Most of them always have their way because the African society is brainwashed with religion

We will start exposing them very soon with evidences .
Note-This piece is not meant to tarnish the image of the genuine ones who are truly called by the Almighty God…

Am Adeduntan Ibrahim adeyinka publisher young achievers nigeria.com
Just my 2cents


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