masud_2023 Who is Mas’ud?


MD Alhaji Mas’ud Musa Bashar is an amiable Citizen of Sokoto that has won the hearts of people especially youths across the length and breadth of the state over the years, one who believes in the future of Sokoto and has devoted his life to that future, a philanthropist who will do everything to help our children thrive; a youth leader with real plans to break down barriers; blast through glass ceilings and widen the circle of opportunity for every Citizen of Sokoto State.

He is a patriotic Citizen because he serves for the good of the people and the youths. He is a good citizen because he does not serve for rewards.

Turakin Wazirin Sokoto is the answer to Sokoto 2023, because he is coming to build bridges, to solve puzzles and to conquer mountains. Some see work as a means to earn but to him, work is a means to mend.

MD is a giant; yet he works as if he is just starting, he is a victor that is not intoxicated by victories, he is a hero; yet he works as if he is the least servant.

Think Right.
Think Wisely.
Think Sokoto.
Think MD Alhaji Mas’ud Musa Bashar The Turakin Wazirin Sokoto 2023 for Governor Sokoto State Inshaa Allahu #ManlikeMasud#Governor2023#Masud2023#GreaterSokoto@almasud_musa_basharView all


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